What I Learned About Strategy and Customer Service from My Mom

By Suzi Elton I learned about strategy and customer service from my mom, who had a wildly successful bakery business. We were a poor family with eight kids. My mom was a generous woman, and donated cakes to the Catholic bingos that our schools held. Her cakes were so good that people started asking her to bake for them and paying her to make cakes. The business grew, and soon we added a small addition onto the house, then a huge commercial addition. We lived in the country and people

customer service strategy

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Three Strategies To Effective Mobile Web Design

Business owners looking to delve into mobile commerce must consider the following three strategies to effective mobile web design. They must evaluate and choose how they can provide the best consumer experience as customers view and interact with their content through a variety of mobile devices. However, transitioning to mobile marketing does not universally fit or contain all business content. There are three basic methods to incorporate mobile marketing and web design into your

Mobile Web Design

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Mobile Marketing For Local Businesses With Yelp | My Local SEO Guide

Mobile Marketing For Local Businesses With Yelp

by Biggi on February 8, 2011 in Lead Generation, Location Based Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Marketing Apps, Mobile Marketing Campaigns, Small Business Marketing

Mobile marketing for local businesses seems to be all the rage. More and more people access the web via their mobile phones, and it turns out that one third of Yelp searchers are using their mobile devices to find a business.  The cool thing is that these searchers are looking to do business with you right now! (see the official Yelp statistics below)

So, just when you thought you have no clue on how to get mobile marketing for local businesses going for your small business, turns out, if your business is on Yelp, you are already heavily involved.

Now there are things you can do to improve your chances of being the chosen business. Yelp offers location-based marketing check-ins, and you could provide special offers to those that check-in at your business. Or you could also advertise a special sale or offer on Yelp.

Amplifyd from officialblog.yelp.com

Who you gonna call when you need a local business? We think we have some idea. In December 2010 alone, yelpers called a local businesses every other second — and that was just via a Yelp mobile app!

Not only were people visiting Yelp Mobile, they were putting it to work; making some real decisions on where to eat, shop and play. Our data shows us that in the month of December 2010:
  • 3.2 million unique visitors used a Yelp mobile app*
  • 35% of all searches on Yelp.com came from a Yelp mobile app
  • Every other second a consumer generated directions to a local business
  • A photo was uploaded every 30 seconds from a Yelp mobile app
And that’s just mobile… In the past month, more than 45 million unique visitors have turned to Yelp to make a spending decision based on the more than 15 million reviews!
mobile marketing for local businesses

See more at officialblog.yelp.com

So, make sure to take advantage of all Yelp has to offer and all the work they have put in already to attract 45 million monthly visitors to their site and get started with mobile marketing for local businesses now!

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Yelp and Google Places are a great way for small business to get started with mobile marketing.

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How To Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates with LinkTrackr A/B Split Testing

Whether you’re selling your own product online or trying to make a living as an affiliate marketer, there are two very important skills you must master if you want to get an unfair advantage over everyone else and make more money with less traffic.

Those two skills are:

How to create an effective landing page
How to split test your landing pages

Continued at http://www.johnchow.com/how-to-improve-landing-page-conversion-rates-with-linktrackr-ab-split-testing/

(My Local SEO Guide, your Dallas SEO Company uses LinkTrackr too.)

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Article: Google Kills Tags In Favor Of Boost

Google Kills Tags In Favor Of Boost

Google is killing Tags, an advertising product for local businesses which allowed them to enhance their Google Maps or Places listings. For a flat $25 monthly fee, local merchants could make their their natural listings stand out a bit with a yellow tag and a few words pointing to offers, photos, menus, or links back to their website. Tags were introduced with Google Places, the search engines local listings effort, about a year ago after being tested for a few months

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How To Rank Higher In Google Local Business Listing

How To Rank Higher In Google Local Business Listing | Google Local Listings | Optimize Your Local Business Listings | Ramit Narang

Add Keywords to your Company Name and Description : If your Business Name happens to have your Keywords in them then definitely use that name in the listing. Don’t make up a new name with the keywords just for the listing. Google gives you the ability to add a description describing what services the company offers. Make sure your content has your keywords along with Location added along with the prime features. This description is used by google in calculating rankings.

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10 Ways To Make Your Business Blog Get Noticed

10 Ways To Make Your Business Blog Get Noticed : Technology :: American Express OPEN Forum

In order for you to gain all those benefits, and more, from your blog, you must make sure it gets noticed. There are millions of businesses with blogs out there, but nobody really knows about them. If you aren’t going to take steps to get your blog noticed, spare yourself the time and investment of setting up and running one.

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