Facebook Fan Pages for Business – A Labor of Love

You know your business should have a fan page on Facebook, but you are wondering what the return of investment will be on your time and effort put in.

Don’t make the mistake of expecting an immediate return. Facebook is a social network, and relationships, just like in real life, take time to develop.

Following are excerpts from a great article of the many benefits of having a Facebook fan page, and why you shouldn’t delay getting one.

I recommend clicking through and reading the entire article.

Amplify’d from www.entrepreneur.com

10 Ways a Facebook Fan Page Helps Your Business

Even if members have no intention of buying anything, the community you build can benefit your business.

By Mikal E. Belicove   |   December 28, 2009

Facebook is a social network, not a shopping network, so why should any business spend resources establishing and maintaining a Fan Page on Facebook? (A Fan Page, by the way, is a profile for a business or organization rather than for an individual.) Because even if members have no intention of buying anything on Facebook, the relationships you establish and community you build there can benefit your business in countless ways. Here, I reveal the top 10 ways a Facebook Fan Page can help your business.

  1. Allows you to engage with your community easily and for free
    A Facebook Fan Page provides an inexpensive (free) alternative to implementing customer engagement on your own site. In minutes, you can have a branded Fan Page where customers and other brand advocates can post to your Facebook Wall, share photos and video, ask and answer questions, and interact with you and one another. Creating and managing a Fan Page, complete with a Discussions tab, is easier than launching and monitoring discussion forums or message boards on your own domain.

  1. Strengthens customer relations
    You can significantly deepen your relationships with customers by connecting with them in a social rather than a business setting and not selling. Facebook members may not shop on Facebook, but 90 percent of them expect the businesses and organizations they deal with to have a Facebook Fan Page.

  1. Listening and observing has the potential to improve your business
    In a social setting like Facebook, customers and prospects are likely to let down their guard and share information with you and others about products and services they like, good and bad experiences they have had with your business or your competitors, and their unfulfilled needs. Each time a Fan interacts with your Page, you are presented with a wealth of information.

    Tip: By default, Facebook Fan Pages include the Discussion tab. Encourage discussions to mine valuable market data and ideas on how to improve your business.

  1. Allows you to keep pace with the competition free of charge
    Still not convinced a Fan Page is worth setting up? Then consider the competition. Even if only one of your competitors launches a successful Fan Page, that competitor can corner the market on Facebook and build a following long before you do. Stake your free claim early to establish your business as the industry leader before the competition has a chance.

Read more at www.entrepreneur.com

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