Video Marketing Done Right

Video Marketing is hot! Your business can’t afford to ignore this fact, because your competition won’t.

Today’s article addresses a mistake that many small business owners make when trying to market their business. They advertise their business instead of educating their prospective customers.

Remember, nobody wants to be sold to or watch a sales video. They want to learn something that can benefit them now, even before they buy your product or service.

If you can deliver something of value, you gain their trust, and they can’t help but want to reciprocate.

Video Marketing for the Small Business Owner

The best way to get a customer to buy your product or services is to have them get to know you, like you and trust you. Traditionally, this has been done by getting them to walk into your physical store.

The one drawback to creating video is that most business owners still think like salespeople when they create their video messages. Coming across as a used-car salesman means that your videos will not be watched and you will have wasted your marketing dollars. How then can you best use of video to market your products and services?

The answer is with ‘education-based marketing’ that David Frey and a few other really smart marketers have used for years. It basically means that you are educating your consumers about your products and services. You are teaching them. You are empowering them with information that allows them to make an intelligent and educated decision about whether you have the right service or product for them. Video allows you to engage your viewer in a virtual conversation. When you educate and give information to someone who’s looking for that information, you are inherently seen as the go to expert, without you ever having to say “Come to me because I’m an expert!”

By providing useful content and information through video you have now set the standard by which all other business owners in your niche are viewed. When a consumer then goes to another website looking for information they will always judge those other websites based upon the content that you provided.
Video marketing is the future. Google, Cisco and Yahoo have repeatedly stated that within the next three years, 75 to 80% of all content online will be video-based. Businesses who fail to understand the significance of this statement will lose out since future customers and consumers will expect you to be on video.


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