How To Make a Facebook Group

You proudly have collected a large following of friends on Facebook, and now you realize that you don’t want to share all your private photos or thoughts with all of your friends. Or maybe a lot of your FB friends are getting sick and tired of your cat pictures.

Facebook Groups to the rescue!

You can easily create a group (see below) on Facebook and add only your closest friends, or only your cat loving friends to it. Now you can share privately (or publicly, if you so choose) with your group members, have group chats, share documents, create group events, and more.

Give it a try today, and let me know what’s working for you.

So How Do I Use It?

The groups feature is available on your left-navigation sidebar, after clicking “Create Group…” you will be prompted to name your group, add your friends to it and select a privacy setting. There are 3 settings for privacy,

  • Open” : Both members and content are available publicly.

  • Closed” : Members are available publicly but content is private.

  • Secret” : Only members will be able to see the content and the members of the group.

While old style groups are left unchanged, you can no longer create any groups in that style.

So What’s New?

The redesign of the service aims at making groups appeal to individuals and their friends rather than the entire Facebook community at large, hence people added to a group no longer have to opt in; as long as they are your friends they can add you to a group but you have the option to opt out of it.

The new groups have a group chat function where you are able to share documents and anyone in the group is able to create group events. They have also added an email notification setting that is also useful.

While those features are a welcome addition, there has been a lot of outcry about what has gone missing! For instance, there is no longer any discussion section or photo archives available for people to see all the photos uploaded to the group.


Personally, I see a lot of potential for the new groups; the way they are done makes them have a purpose on Facebook rather than being the fanpage’s ugly cousin. With the new groups, it will be a lot easier to organize and communicate with a group, especially with the group chat. The other thing that is noticeable is that they pushed groups into a more personal space, they made it hard for marketers and promoters to use the groups feature and pushed them into creating a fanpage.


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