Improve Sales Conversion With Video – Case Study

Here’s an exciting study on sales letter vs. video conversion in one of my favorite niches – fitness. Check it out below.

I love videos, especially short videos! Not only are they super popular, but everyone, and every small business can create videos inexpensively and easily with tools like a flip camera or Animoto.

Always remember, if you don’t use video, your competitor probably does!

Through his website, personal trainer Carl Juneau teaches men the best ab exercises for getting six pack abs. Carl heard his top competitor doubled his sales after he started to use video to market and demonstrate his products so he decided to use Visual Website Optimizer to test video on this website. Carl carried out three split tests which conclusively proved that videos increased conversions on his website by as much as 46%.

A/B Test #1 (call-to-action test)

In first split test, he tested two variations of the “call to action” on his sales page.

  • The control was: “Next Page Read Sample of Book”

  • Variation 1 was: “Watch Video Preview”

  • Variation 2 was: “Watch my #1 Abs Exercise On Video”

Here are the results for this test (goal being click on call-to-action and go to next step in funnel). Both calls to action that hinted at a video significantly increased the number of visitors who clicked to the sales page (step 3). The best-performing variation (variation 1) increased conversion by 14.18%.

A/B Test #2 (salesletter test)

In second split test, Carl tested one variation of the sales page:

  • The control was a long-form salesletter, which had been tweaked extensively over two years

  • Variation 1 was a one-minute professionally produced video where Carl demonstrated his best abdominal exercise. At the end of the video, the “call to action” said that more exercises could be found in the manual and the workouts

Here are the results for test #2 (goal was to go to next step of funnel). The video sales page significantly increased the number of visitors who clicked to the price/guarantee page by 46.15%.

A/B Test #3 (follow up test)

Third split test was a follow-up test. In it, Carl tested:

  • The winning video only

  • The winning video at the top of the page plus his longstanding control salesletter below

To his surprise, the video-only page won. Here are the results. Adding the long salesletter below the winning sales video significantly reduced the number of visitors who clicked to the price/guarantee page by 35%.


Video converts! It did so when mentioned in a “call to action” (a 14.18% increase) and also when used to sell (35% and 46.15% increases in two different tests).

As more and more surfers have broadband Internet and powerful computers, video seems to be slowly taking over the web. Carl increased his conversions with video… why not test it and see if it increases yours?


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