Creating A Facebook Fan Page For Your Business Just Got Easier

Creating a Facebook fan page was a little daunting until just a few days ago, when Facebook made it much easier to make a Facebook fan page for your business.

Not only was it difficult to figure out what category to use for your business, you really had to read up quite a bit to get started.

No more! A simple, intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to get started with your Facebook fan page design. The choices are very clear and you won’t make a mistake when choosing the type of page you want to create.

Even better is the option for local businesses to create a Facebook places listing for their business at the same time they create their fan page.

This is such an outstanding opportunity to market your business for free. Don’t miss it!

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The new starter subsite has a visual guide that shows newbies exactly how a page will be named and classified on the site. Icons depict the different groupings of pages that new admins can select from to start creating a page.

Behind this the easier-to-use interface is a more detailed categorization scheme that makes sure new pages show up in the right place on the site.

The new interface also includes the opportunity to supply a current address for a local business that people would be able to check into using the geolocation service Places.

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