Mobile Website Design – Best Practices

If you have been wondering what the best practices for mobile website design are, here are some good starting points.

It is important to be very clear on two things: your customers objective, and your company’s objective. So, you basically start with the desired outcome, and then work backwards from there.

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Mobile Website Best Practices

One of the first things your business should determine when designing your mobile website is what is the main activity that you want visitors to take or what is the most important information they want from you. Your mobile website should not incorporate all of the functionality and content of your traditional website. If you try to do this, your mobile site will be difficult to navigate and probably take forever to load.

To summarize the aforementioned best practices for mobile website design:

  1. Focus on the customer – Design your mobile website around what your customers are currently doing most often on your standard website.

  1. Keep the layout simple and the content succinct – You want your mobile website to be easily and quickly read on a range of mobile devices.

  1. Use a scrolling feature – Making your mobile visitors click through multiple pages is not a good idea.

  1. Don’t use tons of graphics or Flash – Use of large graphics files or advanced media will slow down your mobile website to a crawl.

  1. Test! Test! Test! – Did we mention you should test your mobile website?

  1. For an example of a very well designed and thought out mobile website, read about Penny Saver USA’s new mobile site


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