Mobile Marketing Campaigns – Simple And Effective

Here are some simple and effective ideas for running mobile marketing campaigns for your local business.

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7 Traits of Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns

You’ve heard all this mobile stuff and are thinking about running a mobile marketing campaign. Before you do, you’ll want to make sure your campaign has these 7 traits.

Trait 1: Convenient

A mobile-enabled website makes it easy for customers to browse websites on mobile devices. If your site is not mobile ready, users will have to pinch, zoom, and scroll all over your site.

Trait 2: Geo Targeted

One in three mobile searches has local intent. Virtually all new smartphones come with GPS.

Trait 3: Integra    ted

Successful mobile campaigns tie into the marketing plan of the company. You have to tell people about it. Put the promotion on your website, newsletter, Facebook, etc.

Trait 4: Timely

You can engage your customer as soon as something comes up.

Trait 5: Fun

Having interaction and getting users involved will dramatically increase results. Sweepstakes, polls, and contests have all been used successfully to build customer lists.

Trait 6: Exclusive

To encourage people to opt-in to your offer, give them a good reason. Present them an exclusive special. An example would be “Text FREE to 12345 for a free cup of coffee.”

Trait 7: Not Spam

Successful mobile marketing campaigns ask for permission. They’re transparent and also inform the user that additional data or text messaging charges may apply. They must also tell the user how they can be removed from the list.


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