Foursquare 3.0 – Explore and Engage

Foursquare 3.0 just released. Foursquare is a location based service that I highly recommend every brick-and-mortar business to use.

The new features will let more people find your business and allow you to engage with patrons.

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Foursquare, the location-based mobile game startup that pioneered the checkin, will introduce version 3.0 Tuesday evening. The new release turns on the power of every checkin accumulated over the course of its two-year history and transforms that data into recommendations.

New Recommendation Engine

The Foursquare user will immediately begin to see the value of the checkin in the new Explore tab. The Explore tab, which sits where the Tips tab once was, now serves as the meat of the application. Here, users can query for recommendations or dive into food, coffee, nightlife, shops and arts and entertainment recommendations served up by Foursquare and ranked by what’s most interesting to the user.

Version 3.0 also reemphasizes points, which have faded over time. Points have been resurfaced and fancied up in the Me tab because the startup has introduced a new points system that aims to better encourage user behavior. There’s now 30 different triggers for points, says Crowley, and the leaderboard is more focused on friends.

New Merchant Features

There will soon be seven special types available to merchants: Check-in Specials, Friend Specials, Flash Specials (e.g. the first 10 people to show up after 5 p.m. get a free drink), Swarm Specials, Newbie Specials, Mayor Specials and Loyalty Specials. Foursquare will reveal more details in the days ahead, but the startup is introducing these new special types to respond to merchant demand.


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