Keyword Research For Local Business

One of the great opportunities when it comes to keyword research for local business lies in long-tail keywords. They are easier to rank for, yet much more targeted than the primary / obvious keyword choices.

So, don’t make the mistake of ignoring long-tail keywords when search engine optimizing your local business website.

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You might have a few secret weapons when it comes to local marketing. But have you wondered where you might be failing?

1. Not Using Long-Tail Keywords

Think you have fully optimized your website for local search? Well, you’d better have long-tail keywords throughout the on-page SEO elements of your site. Long-tail keywords are specific phrases describing your business, such as “bakery Cambridge MA” or “spa deals in Boston.” Make sure to tie together your industry name and location in your page titles, Meta tags and descriptions, Alt tags and headers. Adding long-tail keywords to these on-page SEO essentials will increase your chances of showing up in major search engines. 


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