Building A Website For Mobile Devices

We have arrived in the mobile age, and building a website for mobile devices is a necessity for any business serious about staying profitable now and in the future.

I am planning on getting much more involved with mobile marketing myself and will share anything I learn with you here:

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Top 7 Reasons To Get A Mobile Website
For Your Small Business

1.  61% of mobile users will NEVER go back to your website (on their phone or computer!)
           if they have a bad experience the first time they visit it (for example: difficult to
           navigate or find the info they needed because it wasn’t optimized for mobile browsers)

2.  Studies show that having a mobile-friendly site boosts overall website traffic by 13%

3.  Internet traffic from mobile devices increased 110% last year in North America alone
           (globally, the number was a whopping 148%)

4.  Right now, more than 60% of consumers have access to the internet via their mobile phone

5.  Currently, there are FOUR mobile phones for every ONE computer in the world … and
           mobile phones are increasingly being used to look up local businesses on the web!

6.  Low Cost, High ROI ~ Almost any local small business can afford to have a professionally made
           mobile website. (Yes, even “cashflow challenged” start-up companies!)  Plus, most businesses
           see a 12 to 15% spike in new business within 2 to 4 weeks after launching a mobile-friendly site

7.  Bragging Rights ~ Let’s be honest, being able to “show off” your cool new mobile website
           to your buddies/girlfriends/colleagues, etc. is just plain fun.  Aside from that though,
           this is so new to small business owners that you could be the very first business
           amongst your colleagues (and competitors!) with a mobile-friendly website.


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