Article: Online Marketing Case Studies For Offline Businesses

Online Marketing Case Studies For Offline Businesses

This steakhouse has increased sales by 30% in one year, compared to a negative industry average of 15%. They have used various social media marketing avenues such as their own cooking blog loaded with videos and photos with links to other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, FriendFeed, Flickr and Delicious, and their own YouTube Video Channel. Most importantly they monitor their web marketing using Google Analytics, news and alerts and use it to gain ideas to improve their products

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Has Social Media Helped Your Business? – Website Magazine

Has Social Media Helped Your Business? – Website Magazine – Website Magazine

According to the 2011 Industry Report from Social Media Examiner, 90 percent of more than 3,000 Web marketers say that social media is an important facet of their business today. Brand exposure was identified as the greatest benefit, with 88 percent of respondents citing it as a positive result of their social media campaigns.

Increased website traffic is another benefit (remember this when you get to the next paragraph), with 72 percent of the marketers claiming they gained traffic and subscribers through their social media efforts. Another advantage named by a high percentage of marketers was improved search rankings, gaining a 62-percent share of the response.

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How To Use Social Media for Marketing Your Business

With the popularity of social media rising dramatically every year, many business owners wonder how to use social media for marketing your business. If you are one of those business owners that want to get started with social media, or simply improve your current social media marketing strategies and ROI, you should be very interested in this top notch training. Have you heard the buzz about Social Media Success Summit 2011 – the web’s largest online social media marketing

How To Use Social Media For Marketing

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Article: How to Hack RSS to Reduce Information Overload: Online Collaboration «

How to Hack RSS to Reduce Information Overload: Online Collaboration «

Another technique that helps me to consume information more efficiently is to modify the format of many of my RSS feeds; I bring relevant information into the headlines of the feed to make it easier to quickly scan it to determine which posts are important enough for me to click on them for more details. By bringing more details into the title, I can avoid spending time clicking to get more information. There’s an example of reformatting a Twitter RSS feed in the image to the right.

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Facebook Plugin – How To Use Facebook Social Plugins

After you have learned how to make a Facebook fan page, it’s time to integrate your Facebook presence with your existing website with a Facebook plugin. Below are some great Facebook social plugins, that are very easy to implement. One of the easiest ways to make your online presence more social is by adding a Facebook plugin to your website. There are many different Facebook social plugins to choose from — here are four of the top plugins for business and tips on how and when to use

Facebook Plugin

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Google Places Optimization For Local Business Owners

Did you know that Google Places optimization is the easiest and fastest way to get your local business listed in the top 7 search results on any major search engine? And did you know that it is free? Yup, Google gives every small business a free website! All you have to do is claim your business’ listing and do some Google Places optimization. Then, anytime someone enters local search terms into Google (search terms referring to a town or city or state or zip code), it automatically

Google Places Optimization

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Mobile Local Search 2010

Below is an infographic with cool stats on mobile local search in 2010. Small businesses need to make sure their websites and marketing are ready for this mobile local revolution we are in the middle of! At My Local SEO Guide, we offer Mobile Marketing information and services for your local business.

Check out the infographic and more cool stats at

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